Metal Braces

metal braces

Everybody loves to smile except if your teeth are crooked, skew and not straight, thankfully the invention of braces assured that everyone can have the opportunity to display their smiles while some dental health problems are also treated. Some also enjoy the option of displaying boldly their mouths on selfies and social media while they are busy with their treatment. Everybody also appreciates the before and after pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

What are Metal Braces?

Braces refer to devices used in orthodontics to rectify certain problems that persons might have with their bites and also to improve dental health. Braces can be used in either a structural or cosmetic role or both. The purpose of braces is to move teeth into a different position to rectify the identified problems and there are a number of different types in this article we will look at metal braces and how they are used.
Metal braces are generally made from stainless steel and consists of small metal brackets that are attached to the teeth with special cement, a wire that connects the different brackets is tied onto the brackets with elastic rubber bands. The wire is regularly tightened to ensure that the teeth and jaw shift gradually towards the ideal position. Many people enjoy changing the colour of the elastic bands to give a personal touch to their brackets.

How Metal Braces Work

The braces move teeth into a new position that is identified by the orthodontist that will change the position of the teeth and also the jaw to correct the identified problem with the bite of the patient like overbites, deep bites, cross bites and also other flaws identified like the filling and closing of gaps. The use of braces are more effective in certain instances and also have the advantage of being less expensive than other methods. The main drawback for many patients is the visibility of the brackets and the time it takes to complete the treatment. Teenagers and other people who are sensitive to their appearance find the option of using braces not always attractive but in today’s world, it is quite a common occurrence to see teenagers with braces for a minimum period of two years during their school years.


One of the great advantages is the ability it provides to the orthodontist to adjust the brackets to move the teeth in small increments. This unfortunately takes time and gets done about every 6 weeks. The cost of using metal bracesis the lowest of all the different type of braces and patients must ensure that they discuss the treatment and payment methods beforehand with the orthodontist. In the USA the cost range, between $3,000 – $7,000 but can vary depending on where the orthodontist is located.


Every time the braces are adjusted it takes time to get used to the new setting and your mouth can be painful and sensitive for a couple of days. It is very important to ensure excellent dental care when wearing braces and it is important to brush regularly and carefully as food particles can easily get stuck into them. You must be attentive to good oral hygiene practices when wearing braces.

Thanks to braces many people are not afraid to smile anymore while also enjoying excellent dental health.

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