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The face is the first thing anyone notices about another person when they first meet. Not having the perfect, pearly white smile can play spoilsport to the first impression you have on someone, as well as hurt your self confidence. But, there are various corrective orthodontic procedures that are now available to help you get straighter teeth which make you want to smile all the time.

Braces are the most common way to correct your teeth and they now come in a wide variety, ranging from metal to plastic braces. However, metal braces tend to still be the most popular choice among children and adults alike. Among the various options available, which one is right for you and how much will it cost?

How Much Do Metal Braces Cost?

The short answer? Metal Braces cost around $1,500 to $13,000 – quite a large margin as you can see. This is because the cost of metal braces depends on a number of factors, the major ones being their type/style (regular, ceramic, lingual, etc…), your unique dental situation and insurance, among other things. On average – including all types – metal braces cost around $5,000.

Let’s break down all of these moving parts and get into the details, ensuring you get a solid answer for your question.

Different Types of Metal Braces and Their Cost

how much do metal braces costMetal braces continue to be the most widely used form of orthodontic correction. They consist of individual brackets that are placed on the teeth and are held together by an intricate mechanism of wires and elastic bands. They need to be tightened by the dentist every few weeks as they gradually push the teeth in a particular direction to help straighten and align them. The amount of time one needs to wear braces for depends on the reason they are being prescribed and usually it varies between one to three years. They are prescribed to both children and adults but will yield faster results on children as their bones are still growing, making it easier to mould and push them in one direction.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are the most commonly used braces, which have individual brackets in them, that are held together with thin wires and elastic bands. They can be customized as the brackets come in a variety of colors and designs. Usually, these are popular with children and teenagers. The brackets are made of high-grade stainless steel and are fixed to the teeth using a special cement. Patients who have severe misalignment or crowding in their teeth will be advised to use these braces.

How Much Do Traditional Braces Cost?

Of all the metal braces, traditional braces cost the least. The average treatment without any dental insurance can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $7,350. The cost also depends on the severity of the orthodontic treatment like a deep underbite or overbite or overcrowded teeth can cost between $1,000 to $8,500. For treating a more severe case, traditional metal braces are the best option.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces in their structure but are less visible, as the brackets are made to be similar to the color of the patient’s teeth. Even the wire and the bands used are of the same color as the brackets. Their neutral color makes them a popular choice with adults as they are less noticeable. The one risk with these braces is that they are more porous as compared to the traditional ones and are more prone to staining, especially if you consume colas and caffeine. These are also recommended only to patients who do not suffer from severe misalignment.

How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost?

Ceramic braces cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000, as they are more expensive than traditional braces. The average cost comes out to $4,572 without insurance and $2,750 if your insurance covers dental procedures.

Damon Braces

Among the more discreet braces are the Damon braces, which are made up of a self-ligating system. Regular braces have a wire which is attached to the brackets with elastic bands. But in Damon braces, the brackets have small gate-like openings, which allows a wire to get threaded through them. These braces help produce the fastest results as they move teeth on their own, and they don’t require constant adjustment. It also merits fewer visits to the dentist. Damon braces also cause lesser friction, which makes the movement of the teeth less painful.

How Much Do Damon Braces Cost?

Damon braces can cost anywhere between $1,500 to $7,800 without dental insurance. With insurance, the cost of the braces can be brought down to between $1,550 to $5,080. Insurance providers also provide monthly financing plans to help make the treatment more affordable.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are the solution to fixing your teeth discreetly. They are particularly useful for adults and working professionals, who need to be more conscious of their appearance. It is also a viable solution for those engaged in professions related to media and require fixing their teeth for cosmetic purposes discreetly. They are cemented on the inside of teeth instead of on top of them. Like traditional braces, lingual braces exert pressure on teeth to push them in a particular direction. As the cement is on the inside unlike traditional braces, if there is any discoloration due to the brace, it will not be visible on the outside.

How Much Do Lingual Braces Cost?

Lingual braces, being a more cosmetic and aesthetic solution can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $13,000. These are made by taking a custom scan each time which increases their cost. A specialized orthodontist is required to put these braces, which also adds to the cost. Some insurance providers can also cover part of the cost of the braces.


Braces are the most widely used orthodontic solution to fix any dental problems. They come in different materials, with metals ones being the most commonly used.

The traditional braces are attached with a mechanism of wires and elastic bands and come in a variety of colors, making them the favored option for children and teens. They are also the most cost-effective ones. The ceramic and Damon braces are the more discreet braces as they are either the color of the teeth or transparent, with a thin metal or tooth-colored wire holding them together. They are more expensive than traditional braces and are preferred by adults and working professionals. The most aesthetically pleasing and expensive metal braces are lingual braces, which are fixed on the inside of the teeth. They also require a specialized mould to be made each time they need to be tightened, adding to their cost.

Most insurance providers offer some amount of coverage for braces, with at least 50% being offered for children and teenagers till they are 18 years old.

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