Braces for Overbite

braces for overbite

There are a variety of dental problems like protruding teeth, overcrowded teeth and a having a deep bite which can cause one to feel conscious of their looks. Fixing teeth is now easier than before with various new dental procedures in place to correct orthodontic issues. Braces continue to be the most favored choice among Americans to fix an overbite. While it is normal to have a slight overlap of the front teeth over the lower teeth, it is a cause of alarm if they completely cover the lower teeth. However, it is not difficult to fix an overbite while you’re a child or as an adult.

How to Fix an Overbite with Braces

Let’s take a look at what an overbite is and how braces can help you to fix it.

What Is an Overbite?

A normal set of teeth are aligned in a manner where the upper row of teeth are perfectly on top of the lower teeth or there is a slight overlap of the two. An overbite is a malocclusion, and as the name suggests, is the complete overlapping of the front teeth over the bottom teeth. The overlapping leads to the two rows of teeth constantly rubbing together which results in friction. This can lead to the faster wear and tear of the lower teeth.

An overbite happens due to a malformed jaw, which is a condition that develops when a child is young. Childhood habits like thumb sucking or using a pacifier for an extended time period can also exacerbate the overbite. It could also be caused if a person’s mouth is not big enough to accommodate their teeth. If left unchecked, an overbite can lead to complications like gingivitis or gum disease as the overlapping teeth can damage the gums on the opposite side by striking them repeatedly. Speech can also be impaired if the teeth are not aligned with one another properly, and an overbite can also cause difficulty in chewing.

Different Kinds of Braces to Fix an Overbite

dental braces for overbite

Braces are the best way to fix an overbite. They consist of a system of brackets and wires fixed to the teeth which push them in a particular direction to correct the orthodontic issue. The braces help both children and adults in fixing their overbite. However, they work faster in children as their bones are softer and more malleable as compared to the bones of adults, making their movement easier. In extremely rare cases, a surgery is recommended to adults, when the braces treatment is unlikely to work.

Traditional Braces

The most commonly used braces are the traditional braces made of stainless steel. These consist of individual brackets that are fixed to each teeth with a special cement. They are held together by thin metal wires and elastic bands. Traditional braces are also customizable as they come in a variety of colors and designs, which make them a favorite among young children and teenagers. They are also made in ceramic which is closer to the color of teeth, helping them blend in better as compared to the steel braces.

Traditional braces help in fixing an overbite by pushing the teeth back. They require frequent visits to the dentist to tighten the braces every time they get a little loose from adjusting the teeth. These work best in cases of a severe overbite as they slowly push the teeth back to get aligned in a normal manner.

Damon Braces

Like traditional braces, Damon braces are made from stainless steel but are a more discreet form of braces as they are a self-ligating or a self-adjusting system. Unlike regular braces which are held together by elastic bands and metal wires, Damon braces have brackets which have a gate-like opening structure. Their shape allows for a single wire to get threaded through them and do not require additional elastic bands to hold the braces in place. As these braces do not need constant adjustment, they produce results the fastest. Damon braces make the movement of teeth less painful as they cause less friction due to them being self-adjusting.

The braces move naturally along with the teeth, helping the overbite get aligned to the normal position. These can also reduce the length of the entire orthodontic procedure by 6-7 months, when compared to traditional wired braces.


Invisalign is a type of invisible braces that helps to align teeth perfectly, without making it known that you are even wearing braces. These are transparent braces which are made after taking a scan of the mouth. They fit snugly onto each tooth and push the teeth in a particular direction without causing the discomfort that metal braces cause. As they clip onto the teeth, they can be removed while eating or brushing teeth, resulting in better oral hygiene. However, there is a possibility of the brace getting lost and replacing them can be expensive as it will require another custom scan of the mouth for making the brace that would fit the teeth in their changed position.

These braces are most preferred by adults and those who are engaged in professions where they would be visible publicly. However, these are suited best for shallow overbites and cosmetic dental corrections. For a deep overbite, a traditional brace would still be required for the teeth. These can also not be prescribed to children.


Everyone desires the perfect set of teeth but dental issues like overcrowding, protruding teeth, a deep overbite or underbite can prevent that. The most effective way for correcting an overbite is through braces. There are various kinds of braces that can be used by children and adults, depending on the severity of the treatment, as well as by keeping the cosmetic aspects in mind. Traditional braces are the best course of action when the overbite is severe. Ceramic braces are similar to traditional braces in their structure but are closer to the color of the teeth, making them slightly less prominent.

If the overbite is not too deep and more of a cosmetic requirement, then transparent braces like Invisalign make for the best treatment as they are almost invisible to other people and also take lesser time in terms of correction of the teeth.

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